Treating Dry Eye

Dry eyes patients can be divided into two categories. There are those that do not produce enough tears in the first place and then there are those that produce adequate tears but are not able to retain them due to quick evaporation.

9 out of 10 dry eye sufferers have the evaporative form due to a condition meibomian gland dysfunction. Thus, our doctors focus on the treatment of the meibomian glands and blepharitis and consider their treatment essential for reducing dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eye Diagnosis

We utilize the Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer to provide the best non-invasive tear film analysis, allowing for 82% sensitivity and 92% specificity for diagnosing dry eye. Results appear instantly.

Dry Eye Light Treatment

The Toronto Dry Eye Clinic uses specialized equipment to safely treat dry eye with intense pulsed light (sometimes mistakenly called “dry eye laser treatment”).

What does Intensive Pulse Light Therapy do?

  1. Constrict abnormal blood vessels around the eye, thereby, reducing inflammatory mediators.
  2. Reduce bacterial load
  3. Reduction of rosacea
  4. Liquefaction of thickened meibum.
  5. Rejuvenates the meibomian glands by photomodulation
  6. Increases expression of anti-inflammatory agents (TGF-β)

Benefits of IPL:

  • Treats the root cause of meibomian gland dysfunction
  • Is drug free, drop free and virtually painless
  • Is a quick treatment (under 15 minutes)
  • Can reduce and even eliminate the dependency of daily eye drops
  • The only dry eye treatment that also improves aesthetics
  • Is able to provide relief where other forms of dry eye treatments have failed

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment for dry eye is only available in very few dry eye clinics because it is an advanced treatment requiring modern equipment and training.

IPL treatment is safely conducted with patient eye shielding, new equipment, and trained specialists. Patients typically receive several brief treatments over time to receive maximum benefit.

Lumenis M22 OPT IPL


We use the Lumenis M22 OPTTM Intensive Pulse Light platform: 

  •  Lumenis is the inventor of IPL technology (1993) with more than 10,000 IPL platforms sold since.
  •  OPTTM is the sixth generation, newest IPL platform by Lumenis
  •  M22 is Lumenis’ newest and most advanced IPL platform, CE approved and FDA cleared for over 30 different skin indications

I felt excruciating scratching pain every time I blinked. My doctor said I was suffering from dry irritated eyes, yet none of the drops and treatments provided a solution. I finally found relief with Lumenis Optima™ IPL treatment.

– Charlene Tilton, Actress

Dry Eye Drops

Eye drops are sometimes a suitable method of managing dry eye symptoms. There are different types of eye drops that can provide some degree of instant relief:

  • Prescription – Medications prescribed in the form of eye drops are important in treating different ocular conditions. This is also used to treat more serious eye problems. One common prescription eye drop is Cyclosporine, which treats inflammation caused by eye dryness.
  • Over-the-counter – Often times, irritated dry eyes are brought about by seasonal allergies and people tend to seek aid or medications that are easily accessible such as OTC  eye drops with antihistamines and lubricants. However, it is recommended to consult our dry eye specialist to determine the suitability of OTC dry eye drops for each individual.

Dry Eye Allergy Relief

Allergy sufferers who experience red, teary and itchy eyes will find that over the counter eye drops are often ineffective. Our doctors are able to assess and prescribe prescription medications for your eyes and the skin surrounding your eyes.

Other Dry Eye Treatments

We provide additional dry eye treatments in Toronto, including:

  • Amniotic membrane from placental tissue used to repair and promote healing in damaged corneas.
  • Autologous Serum tears specially formulated from your own blood
  • Doctor recommended artificial tears specific to your dry eye condition
  • Prescription eye drops (Restasis and others) and oral medications approved or dry eye treatment
  • Lid exfoliation due to blepharitis with Blephedex and/or Lid Pro
  • Manual meibomian gland expression to unblock clogged glands
  • Bruder Masks for hot compression at home
  • Omega 3 triglycerides for nutritional support
  • Punctal plugs insertion for less reliance on artificial teardrops
  • Bandage Contact Lenses for severe compromised corneas
  • Scleral Contact Lens- the ultimate comfort for contact lens wearers


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